How To Build Up Self-Confidence Within Your Employees?

We all know how the world keeps changing every day to embrace progress and success. This makes it the only reason why employers look for hiring employees who are willing to change with time, and are capable enough to do so too. But, do you know which personality trait is the most important to deal effectively with change? The answer is ‘Confidence’. Confident people are self-motivated to take any risks that come their way, and find a way out of it. No matter how smart or skilled your employees may be, but if they lack confidence, you will always see them performing below their potential. So, as a leader, it becomes your responsibility to deal with such low confident employees and help them buck up. Bear in mind that confident employees are likely to try new things, thus leading to more creativity and success. And, when you have confident employees on the job, you ultimately have a confident team. For the best team building training in Bangalore, you can approach experts like MARG to teach you the ins and outs of how you can build an effective and efficient team for your organization.


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An Introvert’s Guide to Communication

Do you know that more than 50% of people are introverts!? Yes! Even in this ‘modern’ world where guys and girls are going all out, half of the world still lacks extrovert qualities. If you are one of those who are scared to speak out or express feelings, and love to stay alone most of the times, this blog is for you! Obviously, you don’t need to change the way you are. But, when you are dealing with people personally or professionally, you need to be confident while you speak. Especially when you are at the workplace or in a formal meeting, you need to have the right kind of communication qualities. So, if you are introvert struggling to empower your communication skills, this blog will help you learn how to have powerful communication with others to achieve the best impact with minimum stress. Remember that great communicators are not born, they work at it. Learning new skills does not mean rejecting your introvert qualities; it only means building confidence to face unavoidable situations that you may encounter.

Communication Skills Training

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How Can ‘Stretching Your Limits’ Serve To Improve Team Work?

Outbound training is one of the most popularly used tactics in the corporate world where organizations want to develop and strengthen team work and cooperation between their employees. It is a known fact that people learn by experiencing rather than reading or listening. When done effectively, outbound training effortlessly extends the learning environment. In outbound training, the participants are taken out of their normal working environment into a new kind of setting where they are given challenges that they need to overcome collectively as a group. Various groups are formed and are given tasks to accomplish with limited resources. This provides tremendous opportunities to learn and cooperate, while trying to understanding one another better. Such activities have the participants come out of their comfort zone and explore paths they have never been on before. An experienced trainer like MARG, who provides the finest outbound training in Bangalore, can help the participants to utilize such outdoor learning experiences to workplace situations.


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How Important Are Soft Skills Today?

Businesses today are becoming more social and less dictatorial. This is the reason people are more attracted towards the personality, qualities and attributes a person possesses, rather than the high level of technical knowledge. Obviously, technical knowledge is important in the field, but nothing can compare to qualities and behaviour.


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What Contributes To The Effectiveness Of Communication At A Workplace?

Communication is very essential in every field today, both on the personal and professional front. What you say and how you say it is what decides on how the second person perceives you. Also, when you work in an organization, it is how you communicate with your colleagues, clients and employers that decides on how long you are going to work in the team. So, it is essential that you know what factors contribute to making communication effective within your workplace. You may say that the best solution lies in getting trained by a relevant training institute that offers these practices. But, how would you know that you are approaching the right place? For that, you need to check that apart from the basic processes, the institute focuses on the below mentioned parameters too to contribute to the effectiveness of communication.


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