How To Build Up Self-Confidence Within Your Employees?

We all know how the world keeps changing every day to embrace progress and success. This makes it the only reason why employers look for hiring employees who are willing to change with time, and are capable enough to do so too. But, do you know which personality trait is the most important to deal effectively with change? The answer is ‘Confidence’. Confident people are self-motivated to take any risks that come their way, and find a way out of it. No matter how smart or skilled your employees may be, but if they lack confidence, you will always see them performing below their potential. So, as a leader, it becomes your responsibility to deal with such low confident employees and help them buck up. Bear in mind that confident employees are likely to try new things, thus leading to more creativity and success. And, when you have confident employees on the job, you ultimately have a confident team. For the best team building training in Bangalore, you can approach experts like MARG to teach you the ins and outs of how you can build an effective and efficient team for your organization.


You may have conveyed your thoughts about an employee being the best one for performing a particular task; you may have been good enough to tell your employee that he is doing a great job; you may have been telling someone how smart he is; but, in spite of all this, your employees may not be sure. The reason could be that you are not being specific, or you aren’t giving them a chance to employ their qualities, or you may not be expanding their role. Whatever the reason, but its certain that your words are not building the confidence you want them to. So, what do you do? Remember than building confidence within someone requires real conversation and efforts. It begins by understanding what scares them. Here are some very basic techniques you can use to generate self-confident employees, and in turn, a competent team.

Treat them with respect

Even though they are your employees and subordinates, they ought to be given respect. Without respect, they would only feel themselves to be a project or an object that is being handles, and this is one big reason of losing confidence. Instead, you need to connect with them personally and listen to what they have to say. Try to find out the hidden hints about their lack of self-confidence and treat them like high performers they are capable of becoming.

Acknowledge their strengths

Timing is what is important to build confidence. Make it a habit to comment on an outstanding employee behaviour as soon as you notice it. When you catch an employee doing something exceptionally good, you can immediately reward him with something. Or, you can arrange for a monthly reward ceremony to reward all those who did something good for the organization in front of the entire team. This will definitely boost up confidence levels of those performing well; and have other under-performing individuals to learn from the stories too.

Be specific while praising them

Praising your employees with words like “You’re doing great!” or “You’ve got potential!” won’t give them a clear idea of what you like about them. So, you need to be specific about what quality and attribute about them is working for the organization, so that they can enhance those qualities better for the best outcomes.

Put their skills into practice

Identify the best skills of your employees, and have each one of them put those skills into practice. It could be by having them help someone one-on-one, or sharing them publically with others on the team. When put into practice, the employees will definitely want to boost up their best skills even more for the betterment of the organization.

Embrace failures

We are all human; and humans tend to make mistakes. So, when your employees make a mistake or tend to fail, embrace it instead of insulting them for the same. You may obviously point out their mistakes so that they don’t repeat them in the future, but blaming or insulting them will only break their confidence. You can therefore help employees to make the most out of their mistakes by understanding why things went wrong, and how it can be improved upon. Doing so will remove the fear of failure and make your employees more willing to contribute and experiment. Knowing that they have space to learn from their mistakes will build confidence and take away the negativity.

Obviously, building confidence requires efforts and time, but the results are definitely worth-it for the individuals as well as the organization. So, use the above mentioned tactics and boost up the confidence levels of your employees at the earliest!

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