How Can You Be a Successful and Confident Leader?

A leader is one who can effectively manage his team and all those working under him within the organization. And a successful leader is one who can make the path that his people are following less stressful and less uncomforting. You can make the path comfortable and a better one for your team only when you know what they are going through; and this can be done only when you step into their shoes to get that feeling. If you want to be loved, respected, and admired, you need to be a leader who understands the problems of his people and leads accordingly in a much more effective manner. You can become one by acquiring MARG’s leadership skills training in Bangalore or by following the below mentioned tips that will help you through the process.

Successful and Confident Leader

Focus on your appearance

How you dress and look accounts for up to 25% of your overall presentation. If you look young and energetic, you will feel confident within. And, when you feel confident, you will look confident too. Therefore, it is important that you stay fit and maintain a healthy body. Remember that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Spend at least half an hour each day to keep your body in shape. It could be anything from walking to running to working out at the gym. But, doing so will improve your posture, body language, and self-esteem too. This will thus build your confidence level and help you work in your workplace much better.

Stay well aware

Be planned and prepared with all that you ought to face in your workplace. There is nothing more frustrating when the leader of the team knows little or nothing about the facts. How do you expect him to make a profitable decision then? Successful leaders are those who plan in advance by investing their time and energy into educating themselves about every possible situation they may encounter. Confident leaders are well-informed and well-prepared. After all, preparation is the key for a positive outcome. If you are well aware of all the facts, you will be able to lead the conversation related to that particular topic in the right direction that will ultimately lead to the desired outcomes. In the end, it is not about who does the most talking; it is about the direction towards which the team is driven. With preparation, confident leaders can steer the minds of their teams towards his own decision, no matter what their personal intentions were earlier.

Be an active listener

Unless you are an active listener, you cannot be an effective communicator. When you listen carefully to others, then others will listen to you too when it is your turn to speak. When you respect what they say, you will earn respect for your speaking too. If you don’t listen means you are not connecting. This means that you are only commanding without listening to what your people have to say. This will surely not lead you to success.


You can never be a successful leader until you put yourself into your people’s shoes. Understanding what they are going through, and listening to them, are the traits a successful leader possesses. And, to feel and look confident, you need to be physically fit and visually appealing.

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