An Introvert’s Guide to Communication

Do you know that more than 50% of people are introverts!? Yes! Even in this ‘modern’ world where guys and girls are going all out, half of the world still lacks extrovert qualities. If you are one of those who are scared to speak out or express feelings, and love to stay alone most of the times, this blog is for you! Obviously, you don’t need to change the way you are. But, when you are dealing with people personally or professionally, you need to be confident while you speak. Especially when you are at the workplace or in a formal meeting, you need to have the right kind of communication qualities. So, if you are introvert struggling to empower your communication skills, this blog will help you learn how to have powerful communication with others to achieve the best impact with minimum stress. Remember that great communicators are not born, they work at it. Learning new skills does not mean rejecting your introvert qualities; it only means building confidence to face unavoidable situations that you may encounter.

Communication Skills Training

Be confident

Being an introvert means you speak less and think more. This in turn means that you are thoughtful and contemplative. These are not your flaws; these are your strengths! Being thoughtful is not what everyone is. So, focus on these abilities of yours and understand that you are unique and special. Don’t feel that you have to speak up all the time to blend in with the others; just make sure your voice is heard when it needs to be. Unless you feel inwardly confident, you won’t appear positive to your audience.

Choose a comfortable environment

Whenever possible, try to arrange your communication at a place that is relatively quiet and comfortable. Noisy environment will only tend you to speak louder, or have you being distracted. In any case, you will be held back from having thoughtful and reflective discussions. Also avoid settings that are brightly lit or brightly painted as such an environment may excite your emotions and encourage harsh behaviour. Make sure to have a comfortable and cool environment to help you relax and carry out your conversation with ease.

Show concern

Unless there is attentiveness and concern between those communicating, the discussion won’t find a good road ahead. Just as much as you want others to be interested and active in what you say, so do they expect from you. So, you must first show interest and listen to what others say so that when it is your turn to speak, you know that they will respond the same way. And when others are listening, it sets an even more comfortable environment for you.

Ask for time when needed

As an introvert, it is obvious that you may get nervous or need some time to think over what you have to say. Don’t worry and don’t hesitate to ask for some time, even if that means breaking up in the middle of what you are saying. You can politely ask your listeners to give you a moment to think. Certainly, you may think that having a period of silence in the middle of a conversation is not socially permissible, but if you ask for it honestly, you will definitely get the support you want.

These are just some basic techniques that can help you be confident and speak better. For in-depth guidance and preparation, you can get in touch with MARG to provide you with professional and thorough communication skills training in Bangalore to help you completely revamp your communicative traits.


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