How Can ‘Stretching Your Limits’ Serve To Improve Team Work?

Outbound training is one of the most popularly used tactics in the corporate world where organizations want to develop and strengthen team work and cooperation between their employees. It is a known fact that people learn by experiencing rather than reading or listening. When done effectively, outbound training effortlessly extends the learning environment. In outbound training, the participants are taken out of their normal working environment into a new kind of setting where they are given challenges that they need to overcome collectively as a group. Various groups are formed and are given tasks to accomplish with limited resources. This provides tremendous opportunities to learn and cooperate, while trying to understanding one another better. Such activities have the participants come out of their comfort zone and explore paths they have never been on before. An experienced trainer like MARG, who provides the finest outbound training in Bangalore, can help the participants to utilize such outdoor learning experiences to workplace situations.


What is ‘Stretch your limit’?

‘Stretch your limit’ is one such outbound training activity that helps participants to cooperate with one another and accomplish their task. This is where one member of each team has to place a small flat object beyond the line drawn on the floor, without any body part touching the floor. It is the rest of the team members that help him with appropriate support to place the object as far as possible, however without the use of any kinds of belts, ropes or any other material. The team that places the object farthest from the line wins the challenge. Therefore, the team that uses the most effective strategy and puts in all possible efforts to make their team mate win succeeds. The teams are given multiple attempts to accomplish this task. The teams learn from their previous attempt to re-strategize their plan so that they can improve their performance in the next attempt. This helps the team members to cooperate and understand each other’s perspective, while building up enthusiasm to win.

What lessons can be learnt from this activity?

You may wonder how this activity relates to any kind of workplace. But, there are in fact some powerful lessons that the participants can learn, and a few calculations that team leaders can make to understand their people better.


Team members can analyze whether or not the rest of the team members motivated the individual to achieve the goal while he was reaching his maximum level of pain tolerance. Were the team members only concerned about winning the task, or were they worried about his pain?

In the workplace, this characteristic will show whether the team members will motivate their colleagues or not in case of excessive workload for the benefit of the team. Are they concerned more about the targets of the organization or about the well-being of the people?


Team leaders can analyze whether or not the person who is responsible for stretching informed the rest of the team where he requires more support, or whether or not he communicated his pain and tolerance level to the others. It is important that he lets the others know because if the team members are unaware and do not accordingly strategize, it is possible that he may touch the ground due to unbearable pain.

In the workplace, this situation helps to know whether the particular individual will ask for support from his team members when they are required to ‘stretch’ to achieve a particular goal. It also helps to understand how much stress an individual can handle in times of excessive workload.

Comfort zone

Team leaders can check whether the teams were affected by the performance of the other teams which led them to perform even better in the next attempt. When a particular team did their best, were they still willing to perform better only because they wanted to win over another stronger team?

In the workplace, this will help analyze whether the team members will be willing to move out of their comfort zone and push up to levels that are above their intensities? Moreover, after moving out of the comfort zone, are they able to increase their potential and improve performance?

This is just one activity that can help instill feelings of coordination and cooperation within your team with an air of importance for communication, motivation and competence. There are lots of other activities that professionals can help you arrange for after studying your particular business type, goals and requirements. So, make sure you provide your team with the most professional outbound training in Bangalore to gain the best results.


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