Is All That You Know About Leadership True?

People believe almost everything they hear. This is how myths and rumours are spread around which causes problems later on. One such field that is a victim of such myths is that of leadership. There are lots of myths about leaders and leadership that people actually believe in. To help you free of those myths, we have come up with a list of the most commonly accepted myths and we also help you uncover the truth behind them.


Myth: Leadership is defined by position

There is a certain belief within the minds of people that if you are at the top, you have complete chances of being a leader, but if you stand at the bottom, there is no space for leadership for you. But, the truth lies in the fact that leadership has nothing to do with position. Although this may sound unreal and weird, this is the actual truth! Remember, leadership is not position, but action. To prove your actions best, you must get in touch with MARG, a renowned name that has been offering the finest leadership skills training in Bangalore since the past 9 years.

Myth: Leadership and management are one and the same thing

Leadership is often compared to management. Although for a layman, it may seem as the same thing, but these are actually two very different quests. A manager is related to the functions and abilities of maintaining systems, processes and the best practices. On the other hand, a leader is one who always looks towards influencing his people. They are both individually important for an organisation to work effectively, but they are not the same.

Myth: Entrepreneurs are definite leaders

One of the most common myths that people believe in is that entrepreneurs are all leaders. You must understand that just because someone is an entrepreneur and has a great idea which he can organise into operating a business, he is not necessarily a leader. Even entrepreneurs may find it difficult to have people vision them as leaders within their organisations. This could possibly be because they might not be having the skills and persuasive power of speaking and motivating their people to work on his ideas in an effective way.

Myth: Trailblazers are leaders
Standing in front of a crowd in the organisation does not mean you are the leader. In fact, if you are a leader, you would not be standing in front all the time. You will be balancing between standing in front, standing alongside as well as standing behind the people. “Why?” you may ask. The best leaders are most of the time standing alongside their people to help boost them up to move forward towards their goal accomplishment. They may even stand behind them to watch their backs. So, one standing in front of the crowd every time may not necessarily be the leader.

Keep in mind that leadership is all about actions and influence. It can only be earned and not commanded. Leaders are defined by the success of those who follow them. You may have realised by now that it isn’t easy for one to lead a team. If you are looking forward to achieve that position, you must first get unsurpassed leadership skills training so that you can become one of the finest leaders in your organisation.


Myths like leadership is all about position, leadership is equal to management, and entrepreneurs and trailblazers are leaders, is all wrong. Clear out all such doubts you have in mind about leaders and leadership by reading this blog.


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