How To Increase Cooperation And Build Teamwork In The Office?

Teamwork is very important in every organization. Without teamwork, there will be lack of unity and productivity, which will in turn affect the sales and the business revenue. As a leader or employer, it is your responsibility to see that all the employees are working cooperatively together to bring in the best results for the organization. How you can increase cooperation and teamwork, you can learn in the blog below.


Goal of the organization

A team is a group of people who works together to achieve one common goal of the organization. Every individual cannot have their personal goals to accomplish. You need to remind the employees that working towards a common goal will help in the betterment of the organization, which in turn will result in better results and incentives for every individual. Remind them why they are where they are and also explain to them the importance of cooperation. Let all the members know the efforts that are to be put in so that the company’s motto is fulfilled. Be clear, concise and specific to them rather than beating around the bush.

Roles and responsibilities

As a leader, your role is to coach your employees to reach the goal. And for that, it is important that every employee has his or her individual role to play. So, assign roles to your team members and be as clear as possible. You also need to repeatedly keep reminding everyone about their roles and responsibilities when you see them getting sidetracked.

Open communication

Miscommunication with the employees can be a threat to the progress of the organization. Also, miscommunication between the employees can cause errors. It may lead to the employees losing focus and morale. You may take the risk of over-communication but never under-communicate. Moreover, you need to make every aspect clear with all those working with you. Clarify all sorts of errors as soon as you recognize them; and reinforce cooperation and trust within the employees.

Team building activities

In order to have your employees communicating with and having trust on one another, it is important that you take the help of team building activities. Come up with an activity that can help you achieve positivity within your team members. Explain the activity and the reason why you have come up with it to them. Next, break them up into groups or pairs as per the requirement of the activity; and begin with the activity. However, make sure to pair up employees who might not work well together normally. Take this activity as an opportunity to improve their relationship.

There are many kinds of activities you can have to build trust, confidence, cooperation, patience and teamwork within your employees. Here are some of the best ideas.

  • Blindfolding one person and having his partner lead him through an obstacle course through verbal directions.
  • Hosting office potlucks wherein every individual will participate and work to feed the staff with their own specialty.
  • Start a sports league where your employees get a chance to work together as well as enjoying some down time with one another.

MARG Online is a place that you can approach for outbound and team building training programs that focus on skill acquisition and reinforcing exercises and games. It works on building communication, problem solving traits, harmony and trust. It has been successful at providing team building training in Bangalore to clients across diverse industries including manufacturing, IT/ITES, services, research and development, pharmaceuticals, real estate, education, energy and publication since the past 9 years!


As a team leader or employer, it is your duty to build up confidence, trust and positivity within your employees so that they work together cooperatively as a team for achieving the best results for the organization. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve the same.


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