What Contributes To The Effectiveness Of Communication At A Workplace?

Communication is very essential in every field today, both on the personal and professional front. What you say and how you say it is what decides on how the second person perceives you. Also, when you work in an organization, it is how you communicate with your colleagues, clients and employers that decides on how long you are going to work in the team. So, it is essential that you know what factors contribute to making communication effective within your workplace. You may say that the best solution lies in getting trained by a relevant training institute that offers these practices. But, how would you know that you are approaching the right place? For that, you need to check that apart from the basic processes, the institute focuses on the below mentioned parameters too to contribute to the effectiveness of communication.


Tone of voice and body language

Sometimes, it’s not plain words that work. In critical situations, a leader may have to use a tone of voice that conveys his emotions and thoughts along with an exaggerated body language in order to influence his team and convince them to follow his instructions immediately. Thus, different situations call for different expressions of confidence, sincerity and enthusiasm in communication. What you need to use where is required to be learnt to prove as an effective leader. On an average, only 7% of people understand the emotional content of a message by the words used, 38% of people recognize the subject from the tone of voice and 55% from the body language used. This means that 93% of communication requires something more than mere words to communicate effectively. The trainee must be able to teach you how to decide what appropriate emotion or feeling is required to be expressed at the right time, and what kind of body language and expression contributes to express the particular emotion.

Exaggerated language

You must be tactful enough to be able to use metaphors in your speech while trying to communicate something very strongly to your team mates. Metaphors can give a reference point to your team to understand your message in a better and effective manner. You can use them in different ways like similes or hyperboles.

You can use similes or connective words to compare your thoughts with another significant object of a different kind to make your thoughts more emphatic or vivid for your listeners. For example – “Our competitors are as fast as a cheetah” or “We need to buck up! No more can we work as sluggish as a snail.”

You can use hyperboles in your statements, which are mere exaggerations of what you want to say to convey strong feelings and intentions. For example – “I have repeated this a million times before!” or “We have a ton of tasks to achieve within this short time frame!”

Trainees should be able to educate you to analyze whether a metaphor used at a certain point in your communication will be able to enhance your message and bring you the desired results.

Removal of communication barriers

You have done all the right on your part – you have used the perfect words, tone of voice, body language and usage of metaphors. But, have your listeners been able to grasp your message effectively? This is the most important question! Do you get a positive response from your team even after you have delivered your message the right way? For this, you need to know if you share any kind of communication barrier with your listeners like cultural, language, emotional or psychological barriers. It is most important that your team understands what you want to convey.


What makes MARG one of the best communication skills training institute?

Other than the above mentioned intangibles, MARG emphasizes on many more essentials required for effective communication and clear delivery of message from the leaders to their team members. Listed below are some of these essentials –

  • The right kind of pitch is required to show the right amount of confidence. Higher pitch shows nervousness while lower pitch will help you sound authoritative.
  • Emphasizing on the right words in a sentence conveys a message appropriately. Emphasizing on a wrong word changes what you want to convey.
  • The speed at which you talk, the pronunciation you use, the clarity of your words – all of this play a very important role to help listeners understand your message clearly.
  • Using pauses at the right time in your communication can enrich your speech as well as keep the audience interested and engaged with what you are saying.
  • Showing respect and courtesy even in times of critical situations is imperative if you are a leader. Being courteous will increase your team’s productivity.

MARG instills all these skills within you to transform you as a leader completely. If you want to be distinguished from the rest of the pack, you must register with MARG, who offers the best communication skills training in Bangalore.


As a leader, you need effective communication skills to rightly convey your message to your team, which includes tone of voice, body language, words used, right pitch, appropriate speed, perfect pronunciation and courtesy. Learn how all these aspects are important.


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